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Exclusive BONUS #1



TwitterBot AutoPoster (Automated Twitter Software) (LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Completely autonomous software that will boost your Twitter Followers AUTOMATICALLY. Focus on other things while the AI grows an audience for you.

How it works:

  • An “Under the radar” Twitter bot that will post automatically, emulating a real user.
  • It doesn’t use TwitterAPI, so you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned.
  • You can teach your TwitterBot how to generate leads based on the niche that you’re targeting.


Exclusive BONUS #2


Chatbot Building Training (Step By Step Audio & Video Course) (LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)
Easy-to-follow training that shows you how tow to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot capable of generating leads for your business. 9 Part video training that will hold your hand while you put together the Ultimate lead-driving Chatbot. Instead of paying big bucks for a chatbot (like many big businesses do), built one yourself for FREE. Comes with Support material (PDF lessons, Photoshop templates, audiobooks) on Chatbot technology.


Exclusive BONUS #3



WP Support ChatBot (WordPress Plugin for Business Websites) (LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

This Smart chatbot will greet the visitors of your WordPress website and reply Automatically. The plugin has the capability to analyze the visitor’s question and provide an answer according to how you program it. You can use this awesome tool to improve conversions on your website by providing INSTANT support to all your potential clients. Build a good reputation around your business by tending to your clients as soon as they arrive on your website.


Exclusive BONUS #4



Insider Chatbot Training (Secret Marketing Strategies involving ChatBots)
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

This awesome training pack contains Chatbot industry insights to saving time & money by making use of Automated Chat Bots. 

Find out about a SECRET method on generating more sales by integrating e-commerce directly into your ChatBot. It’s currently used by big brands all over the world.

You’ll discover the best tools for creating custom chatbots & learn how to build your own AI without any programming knowledge.


Exclusive BONUS #5



ChatBot Templates PACK (Collection of Bot Templates for Facebook Messenger)
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

A collection of DFY Facebook Messenger templates for various scenarios like customer support, FAQ, follow up, order tracking and many more.

Contains a script that will allow you to engage your online audience even more by Automatically adding anyone that shows interest to your mailing list.  

You can use these templates in combination with ChatterPal or any other chatbot that you might use.


Exclusive BONUS #6



Social Traffic Suite (Agency License)
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Powerful social syndication platform that will automatically share your content to all the top social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and More.

You can use this tool to manage all your social accounts from ONE platform with ease. Even more, you can AUTOMATE most of your social media chores and focus on things that will grow your business through the roof!



Exclusive BONUS #7



20 Import-Ready ChatterPal Templates (Custom Made Scripts for Profitable Niches)
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

We’ve pulled together the most profitable local nieces and created a custom ChatterPal template for each one. These scripts are guaranteed to improve conversions & sales

Save yourself from days of A/B testing by using our battle-tested scripts for FREE. This is the equivalent of hiring a PRO copywriter to optimize ChatterPal for you.

You can set the templates up in a matter of minutes. They’re just a few drag & drops away.



Exclusive BONUS #8



VidCompass App (Commercial License)
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

You can use this tool to translate your video descriptions for various languages INSTANTLY.

Keep in mind that only 20% of online searches are in English. If you don’t translate your video descriptions, you’ll miss out on tons of potential clients.

By using VidCompass to translate the descriptions of your videos, you’ll dominate the Local Rankings. 

More leads = More Sales = Constant Growth


Total Exclusive Bonus Pack VALUE = $876

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Over the Shoulder Advanced Video Training for ChatterPal (LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Worried about failing to use ChatterPal to its full capabilities? We won’t allow it!

This Advanced Training Lesson will walk you through every step of configuring ChatterPal & provide you with a unique angle when Selling Chatbots to Local Businesses.

You’ll also gain Valuable Insights on making your ChatBot as effective as possible – based on your niche.

No need to do A/B testing when you can configure your ChatterPal Chatbot to maximize conversions & drive sales. GET paid month after month!





“Sneaky Method” on Selling Chatbots to Local Businesses
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Selling ChatBots to Local Businesses can bring you a passive 5 figure income with minimal hassle. You’ll get recurring payments just by installing a single line of code on their business website. How to do this? By following a “low-key” marketing strategy that several case study participants have used to 10X their Profits. You’ll get EXCLUSIVE PPT slides that will teach you the best strategies of selling ChatBots to Local Businesses.





PRIVATE ChatterPal Case Study Webinar Recording
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Curious to know how others are using ChatterPal to SkyRocket their business through the roof? We’ve included a PRIVATE case study recoding that will spill the beans on several marketing strategies to make your ChatBot seem like a no-brainer for Local Businesses. We discussed real results, statistics, and best practices to get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE using ChatterPal.





Ultimate Email Sequence to Sell ChatBot Installations for Local Businesses
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

To ensure that you will 10X Your Clients, we created a custom-made email sequence that is GUARANTEED to improve your conversions when selling ChatBot Installation to Local Businesses. You can use this Battle-Tested Email Sequence with ChatterPal or any other ChatBot out there.

The Structure behind these Soap Opera-inspired swipes is very similar to what we’ve been using for years with AMAZING results.

OTO Bonus Pack VALUE = $1988

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