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10 YouTube Ranking Factors to Watch Out for in 2019
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It’s honestly disheartening to see the amount of misinformation about the most important ranking factors. Don’t take everything you read on the Internet as a fact!

The truth is, there are about a dozen YouTube ranking factors that are still important in 2019. These are the things you should be focusing on if you want to see real results!

This PDF was created after years & years of experimentation, and it’s updated to exclude any YouTube ranking factors that are no longer important in 2019. 






Ranking YouTube Videos on Page #1 – Actionable CheatSheet
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

If YouTube is uncharted territory for you, then you need to read this resource ASAP.

After being in this game for years with, we know the ins & out of leveraging video marketing to promote a product on the web, and on YouTube especially.

To put you on the right track, we’ve put together a series of actionable strategies that we learned after years of trial & error.

These PRO TIPS will help you rank any type of YouTube video on the first page!






Actionable Guide to Video Rankings in LOCAL
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Did you know that 75% of local business owners haven’t even considered doing reputation management?

That’s normal considering that most small business owners have to be jacks-of-all-trades to some degree, just to be able to run a small business effectively.

That’s where YOU come in! With this actionable cheat-sheet, you’ll now exactly what you need to do in order to help small-to-medium business owners to take care of their online reputation effectively.

Follow these tips effectively and become the go-to agency and build a recurring income for yourself!






Email Sequence on Selling Video Services to Local Clients 
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Get Exclusive access to our custom-crafted email swipes that are designed to close clients by offering them animated video services.

This email swipes is derived from our proven-to-work formula that uses the RIA (Results In Advance) method to close cold leads by creating a soap opera sequence.

Because VideoApp Suite is such a powerfull software package, we adapted the swipes for use with animation services. All you need to do is replace a few placeholders and you’re ready to close cold clients!



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Video Marketing Reseller Templates

(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Thousands of existing clients will tell you that this right here is the easiest way to build a 5 figure business in with the least ammount of work! 

Our proven to convert web agencies are designed to cover every possible angle and will work for everyone.
No technical skills are needed!

We provide you with everything you need to build a web agency from the ground up. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that are already outlined out for you. 


Exclusive BONUS #6



Youtube Ads Made Easy – Boosting Sales & Conversions
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

YouTube is a great target audience if you’re looking to Boost Sales & Conversions.

This resource is an unique chance get good with YouTube Ads.

This Step-By-Step material will teach you how to:

  • Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers
  • Reach diverse audience precisely worldwide
  • Create targeted advertising campaigns easily
  • Boost customer engagement for your brand



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Video Marketing Money-Saving CheatSheet
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Ever wondered how some video marketers manage to create high-converting campaigns with a small buget?

The truth is, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on software equipment that might or might NOT help you.

This guide is going to walk you through some video marketing chores that you can easily replicate with FREE programs.






Modern Video Marketing – How to Stay Ahead of the Curve
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

Video Marketing is not a new thing, but you’ll become an old timer if you don’t adapt to the current ecosystem.

The truth is, video marketing has evolved to a point where you can no longer afford to ignore the latest case studies.

And this is precisely what this resource is going to do for you. This 13 module package includes anything from training guides to cheat-sheets and graphic packs.

When You Purchase any OTO





Video Marketing Templates 
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

If you’re new to video marketing, then this is the head start you absolutely need.

We’ve put together sales video templates, logo stings, backgrounds, video player skins, video graphics, video thumbnails so that you’re equipped to get your first recurring clients.

This is the ultimate startup resource if you’re just getting into video marketing. But even if you’re a PRO, you’ll still find some elements that you won’t be able to get (for FREE) anywhere else.






Definitive Guide to Video Marketing for Local Businesses
(LIMITED For 24 Hours only!)

The majority of local business owners are in a constant lookout for effective marketing decisions that will put their business ahead of the competition.

That’s where YOU come in! Instead of leaving them in the dark, you can be the one to show them the correct marketing avenues that they need to follow in order to grow their business organically.

This resource will teach you how & why to deploy the best video marketing based on the type of business that you’re servicing. 

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47 Video loops to add motion to any video
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With circles, sundances particles, Arrows and so much more, these amazing video effects can easily be added to your Hydravid PRO software library to add to any video. 

It’s one of the easiest way to create videos from quality images that you think will convert like crazy.

There’s no reason spending money on a different software capable of doing this when you 



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Background Audio Tracks
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Any Video isn’t complete without a soundtrack. These 101 custom audio backing tracks will enhance every video you create.

Some sponsored gurus will tell you that you absolutely need a subscription to a audio library if you want to make it in IM.

But we beg to differ! Use this pack instead – it’s everything you will ever need. 



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WP Viral Vid Box
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With ViralVideoBox you can allow your blog readers to share your video content and you build your optin list every time someone watches the video..

This is a great way to get a while lot more followers & subscribers in a small amount of time. 

There’s no other payments required in order to make this work. Just install this on your WP website and you’re ready to go!



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Express Video Mastery
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The Ultimate guide to mastering video marketing for newbies and advanced marketers.

This resource will tell you what to do, which areas to focus and how to leverage video marketing to build a comfortable passive income for yourself.

This stuff was tested and replicated by dozens of marketers just like you.

If it worked for them, it will work for you!



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Video Pop X
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Boost Your Email Leads and Track Every Video With Video POP. 

This revolutionary WP plugin will install with just a few clicks. And after you install it on your website it will transform each of the videos hosted into REAL Marketing Powerhouses.

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